Tharshana and Koby


Hi kabz!! Been meaning to message you! Sorry work has been crazy.
Your photos!!!!!! I don’t even know where to start or begin! Thank you so much!! I actually cried seeing the slideshow and looking through photos! You truly have such an amazing knack for catching every special moment that are so natural!
I’m so glad you shared our special day with us! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! You are amazing at your work! Xx .. Tharshana & Koby

Rathiga and Andrew



Just saw the wedding previews!!!! Sooooooooo incredible!!!!

Thank you so much for the beautiful shots. We couldn’t be happier. And makes us even more happy we chose you as our photographer!!!

Like I said everyone was already complementing your work and Now we’ve seen these!!!

Andrew and I and our families absolutely adore the slideshows!!

The choice in music especially for the Hindu was on point!! Fix you is one of our favourite songs.

And you literally chose the majority of images we would have picked!!

Thank you for the incredible job you did!!x

We honestly cannot wait for the album!!!!! You’ve teased us now so we cannot wait!!!x

Rathiga and Andrew

Karthika and Luxman


Hey Kabz!!

I’m in such awe with everything you’ve done, the pictures are outstanding, the slideshows made me cry :'( thank you so so much.

The pictures look stunning!!! Slideshow is amazing and we can’t believe how beautifully you have captured everything!
Honestly thank you so much for everything
More than we asked for, i’m sure i speak for both of us, thank you again xxx

Karthika and Luxman

Devina and Shiv


Kabz, Shiv and I can’t thank you enough for everything your have done for us. Booking a photographer and a great one was an important milestone and an integral part of our wedding planning. For us, it was important for the photographer to capture the moment within a second, rather than the cliché ‘posing’ shots. From the moment we sat in our living room we knew you were the one for us, your pictures of other peoples big days told an amazing story, brought out a sense of fun and it felt like we were actually present at someone else’s big day. Over 18 months, you shot for 4 days, 8 events and even after all of those late nights you still looked alive and kicking. Your images captured not only the love between us, but also showed how amazing all our events were, full of laughter, love and happiness. You were great with the entire family on both sides and they have all said how amazing you and your pictures are! Every single time we look through our wedding portfolio we feel like we are reliving the moment and it honestly does send shivers down our skin. As shiv said “you are now our family photographer kabz, when we have children we want you to be there to take pictures!” Thanks for everything you are not only our photographer but you are a friend and will always play a massive part in our lives. Devina & Shiv

Varthana and Joe


Dearest Kabz,

Thank you so much for your beautiful wedding photos. When we first met and saw your photography, we were amazed by your beautiful, arty and thought provoking black and white imagery. We couldn’t wait for you to shoot both our weddings.

When we finally saw all the amazing memories of our day captured by you, we knew we made the perfect decision by hiring you. We feel that during the whole process, you got to know us and what we wanted captured. You managed to capture the smiles, tears, laughter, all the dancing, the energy, both the cultures and the FUN!

We look forward to sharing more beautiful moments with you.

Varthana & Joe