Varthana and Joe first met me at the beginning of this year, when I first heard about the different wedding traditions that will take place. I immediately jumped on board and couldn’t wait to document their events.

Having a tamil hindu wedding with a christian church wedding followed by an african wedding reception, Who knows the amount of moments that will be presented for me to capture.

With traditions from different cultures being passed down to this generation, I truly am humbled to document such a diverse wedding.  One thing that I know that will be present is unity and love from both sides of the family

This sweet couple invited me to their engagement drinks, taking place in Battersea, London, Meeting the immediate family and friends and we built such a solid rapport in such a short space in time. It felt fitting to have their pre wedding shoot at the very same location.

I had such a great time capturing the chemistry of Varthana and Joe; we spoke about life and future aspirations whilst listening to good jazz music during the shoot. Honestly felt like capturing a good friend’s event.

Both individuals’ empowered sophistication and luxury so it was fitting to have a noir look book for their shoot.

I can’t wait to capture their tamil hindu wedding in the summer.


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