I’d always knew that Piriyanthy and Thiluxan’s wedding would be an incredible milestone when they both mentioned how many guests would attend their tamil hindu wedding. 500 guests to be exact, it does sound phenomenal on how many guests bare witnessed to the auspicious occasion of these two individuals.

I can assure you it wasn’t an easy task for myself as I had to be up at the crack of dawn to document as the morning prep followed by family blessings before both parties left their houses. As most brides are excited for the arrival on their wedding day Piriyanthy was quite ecstatic having a vintage Bentley wedding car it was definitely almost if it was a dream come true.

As mentioned previously on their pre wedding shoot at St Katherine’s Dock, Thiluxan is a popular DJ and co-founding partner of One One 7 Resonare deejays in the Tamil Hindu Wedding scene. He definitely brought his “A Game ” at the wedding reception with all his best men reciting embarrassing stories about the couple, an unbelievable dance performance and not forgetting a stage dive at the end.

Emotions ran high through out the day with lot of tears during the day followed by a lot more laughs through the night. This makes my job so much more rewarding when everybody around me is siezing the moment for their loved ones.