When Piriyanthy and Thiluxan contacted me to document their Tamil Hindu Wedding this year, I knew we would instantly hit it off with our similar personalities.

They chose to have their pre wedding shoot in St Katherine’s Dock in London, Thiluxan always cherished this place as it held close importance to him and always wanted to be the first person to show Piriyanthy this location when they first met. The atmosphere at St Katherine’s Dock was electric, a stone throw away from Tower Bridge with quirky wine bars and local yachts.

I loved how both of their outfits showed their personality. Usually it’s the bride who is excited for different outfit changes and locations but Piriyanthy just asked me “ Can I wear Converse?”. You can really tell this couple is Crazy Sexy Cool.

With Thiluxan being  popular DJ and co-founding partner of One One 7 Resonare deejays in the Tamil Hindu Wedding scene, I know everybody can’t wait for the party to start this Summer.