My Approach


A lot of people have asked me “If I could describe my images in a few words, what would it be?”

A few words spring to mind, words such as artistic, authentic, emotional, story telling, hilarious, powerful, dynamic, honest and truthful.

    The reason why my work is described like this is because the couples are. It’s their wedding day. I’m a documentary wedding photographer,    also known as a wedding photojournalist and my job for the day is to document every important part of your wedding day for you to keep and pass    on from generation to generation.

I tell stories through my images, your story. With every story there is a beginning, middle and end and I’m there every step of the day.

Usually your story will start from the “Bridal Preparation” stages of your day. The emotions are flying high with the anticipation of getting married whilst being surrounded by your loved ones.


Whilst documenting your wedding day, I remain discreet and quiet as I fall into my creative element where I push my limits aesthetically to deliver my best work each and every time. I embrace the emotions and moments I witness and gain a sense of achievement every time I press down the shutter button on the camera.

 PR_W129 PR_W233

I like to work to the end your day, from the very important speeches of loved ones to everyone letting their hair down as they party in celebration.

Capturing moments like those quirky dance moves and honest smiles is what I’m all about.

After the wedding day has been done, I continue to work hard for you to provide you with your wedding images. I do have a niche for black and white photography; I feel this style emulates the pure emotion and showcases timeless images at its best. I also create vibrant colourful images that show the smiles and laughter we all enjoy.

So in essence that’s what I’m about and how I work, Just creating pure and timeless images for you to enjoy.

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