I actually met Amira and Sujan through Karthika and Luxman’s Wedding which I had captured, where Sujan was a groomsman at their Civil Ceremony. A few months later whilst I was backpacking in Rajasthan for a project with the charity Indiability, I received an email from Amira and Sujan enquiring for their wedding. I was absolutely ecstatic and honoured to be their Wedding Photographer and be a part of their journey.

The Conservatory at Luton Hoo Walled Garden was the venue of choice for their Asian Hindu Wedding, located just a stone through away from London. The ceremony started with the traditional beats from a dhol player escorting Sujan’s family towards the mandap, with everyone dancing by screwing lightbulbs, as the groomsmen were danced in the high energy style of Kuthu in their veshti’s.

Kamal Panday and Shiv Gopal created a cinematic experience as he conducted this north indian hindu wedding . It was pin-drop silence as he spoke to the whole audience captivated by the proceedings of the ceremony. Tears of joy rolled down faces as Amira walked in, looking absolutely breathtaking. What I love about photographing different weddings is that we have the very similar approaches to each ceremony within the wedding, Amira and Sujan celebrated this with both tieying the thaali and mangalsutra signifying its importance religiously and culturally

The event showcased an abundance of positivity and emotions, and being able to capture this aura of Amira and Sujan’s Wedding journey, reinstates why I chose Wedding Photography as a career.