366 days ago I felt deflated….I felt that I failed in my photography , wasn’t good enough to continue, and  that my vision and creativity didn’t conform to what was required in the wedding photography market; this was the day before my birthday, going through all these mixed emotions and I didn’t feel like celebrating anything.

The next day I realised how wrong I was.

My family surprised me with a birthday meal which in turn lifted up my spirits giving me a new outlook on life filled with optimism and positivity. I knew I that my creativity and vision is a gift from which only I can decide to push further to better my career.

The next 365 days have definitely been a very important chapter in my life.  It was a journey of self discovery as an artist which in turn helped me with networking with very important individuals.

I’m so thankful that I have become recognised as a professional photographer and have worked with a series of extremely talented professional photographers who I can now call close friends and the constant support from my family.

I was capturing weddings from which I found very challenging mentally and physically but so rewarding at the same time. Nothing can define the feeling of achievement from which a client trusts you to document their wedding day through your unique vision and creative though process.

I also launched my website, built brand identity for my business and most importantly becoming a better artist. I can honestly say that I’m living the dream as the artist I always wanted to become. For that I am eternally thankful.

I’m writing this blog post the day before my birthday, going through similar emotions I felt last year. But writing this post has brought back the emotions, achievements and acceptance through reflecting the last 365 days.

In other words,

Happy Birthday