And so the time has for me to reveal the final chapter in the coming together of Varthana and Joe. The couple and I met in the early months of this year, though it feels like only yesterday that we were sitting down to discuss ideas for their pre – wedding shoot.

The finale to this grand union starts at Porchester Hall, a mere stone’s throw away from the the glitz and glamour of the West End. Varthana’s eyes matched the surroundings, glistening with tears, as she saw Joe awaiting her arrival at the end of the aisle. This was just another sweet reminder of how wonderfully these two compliment each other, as at the Hindu wedding, it was Joe who was brought to tears upon seeing his beautiful bride.

Like their Hindu wedding, unity was displayed in the coordinated outfits of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. As the reception started, the wedding party adorned the African attire “Aso-ebi”, consisting of traditional patterns on the fabric of the lavish garments; a symbol of the families truly embracing one another.

King Masco gave everyone a highly energetic performance with his dancers, whilst the best men decided to pull off the electric slide to the old classic “Candy”. As the celebrations spiralled further into the night, the more devious guests utilised props from the the photo booth to add a statement to their dance moves. Everybody’s characters came alive for this occasion.

I felt as though I had gotten to know Varthana, Joe and their unique dynamic rather well, over the course of their two wedding events. It was a genuine pleasure working with them and their warm and inviting relatives; as a photographer, this rapport naturally lent itself to being able to capture those special and intimate moments.