It’s time to show the story of Lydia and Daniel. I’ve met Daniel before- nearly a decade ago myself and Dan met at fresher’s week at university (Yep time really does fly past you). The same applies to Lydia as I met her through Daniel whilst at university. It’s such a testament to see such commitment from these two individuals staying strong with each other and having that happy celebration of commitment. You can actually see how much Lydia means to Daniel as he shed a couple of tears throughout the ceremony.

It felt like reliving my youth whilst I documented their wedding as I saw a lot of familiar faces. Its quite incredible how we can create these bonds that can last a lifetime.

The whole event had a strong emotional impact on their families, tears of joy wore pouring every minute of the ceremony accompanied with loud laughters throughout the reception, which took place at The Orangery in Maidestone, Kent. Better known as ‘The Garden Of England’.

With Old School 80s hip hop accompanied by Afrobeats this was definitely a party to be a part of. Families from every generation danced till the end of the night in true celebration.

This is why I love documenting wedding stories. You see a rollercoaster of emotions in one day and it’s a privilege to be a part of it.