Now this is what I call a love story that has accumulated a few thousand air miles. With Atif being from the other side of the globe this couple first met many years ago at their local church, from which Atif’s own aunty is one of the church ministers.

It was quite spiritual seeing Jessica’s sisters singing prayers accompanied with south asian instruments such as the tabla as she made her subtle entrance down the aisle, with Atif nervously waiting you can see the love these two have for each other in these photographs. For me it was quite an eye opener witnessing a south asian cultural take on christianity.

Dhol players and bhangra music was on the playlist and highlight for this couple’s wedding reception with generations fuelled with energy showing their best dance moves. Jessica and Atif changed attire from the traditional wedding dress and suit to a blinged out asian bridal outfit. I’m a huge fan of hats and Atif rocked his gemmed turban like a mughal emperor whilst Jessica went for a more regal rich coloured pakistani bridal outfit.

As the reception ended I witnessed something so beautiful, it was an emotional farewell as the bride says her goodbyes during the vidai ceremony. Jessica’s mother and brother clinched on to her wedding dress trying their hardest to not let her go.

What I love about this story is that religion has no colour, we are all the same and share the same ideals through our culture.