If you told me this time 18 months ago that I would start a new venture to become a documentary wedding photographer, I would of probably laughed as my goals and aspirations were totally different then.

Back then I wanted to enter the world of digital marketing in the trendy city of London. Luckily for me I secured myself a freelance position for social media marketing for the Investor’s Chronicle, Financial Times Group. Even though I felt that ‘I made it’. I soon realised that this chapter in my life has defined my vision and pushed me into this new opportunity.

It all started as I was being a tour guide for my Australian relatives around the London South Bank. Naturally I picked up the camera to capture those traditional landscape shots that everyone takes, but something ‘clicked’ (no pun intended). I started to view my surroundings in a different light; it first started with architecture, acknowledging the leading lines, shapes and textures. I then noticed the human interaction within my photos; the humour, the body language and the emotion.

From that day, I purchased a Canon G12 camera. I wasn’t fascinated in camera modes, lenses or anything complicated; I was just wanted to take photos as I found that the compositions  sparked my creative streak. Documenting the world daily became a part of my journey, from social events to daily commutes. I formed a love for street photography for this is art of documenting  your surroundings in the most aesthetically way possible.

After deciding to upgrade my kit, I saw ‘documentary wedding photography’ for the first time. The pure simplicity, human emotion and composition just grabbed my attention. I never knew wedding photojournalism existed but I soon realised that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. To become the visual artist I always wanted to be and to be proud that my work will make others happy.

I’ve spent the last year training myself, learning from members of the industry who soon became great friends, gaining a new family and actually feeling proud of my achievements.

What I’ve realised is that there is no end to my journey, I’m constantly educating myself to become a better artist, a better person.


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