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Devina & Shiv Hindu Engagment and Civil Ceremony Previews

You might recognise this lovely couple from one of my latest preweds (found here).

I would like to re-introduce Devina and Shiv. Last week I was so lucky to capture their wedding day .
Being the fashionable and eclectic couple that they are, I knew I would be able to document their event in style and capture special event. I was fortunate enough to capture their hindu asian engagment ceremony alongside their civil ceremony.

Devina was wearing a stunning bespoke dress from her civil and Shiv wore a purple suit with an orange bow tie. I absolutely love couples who know how to dress different and show visually show their personality.

From the bollywood symphony which played great music to my ears, to the groomsman wearing their wedding ties on their head representing muay thai warriors, you can tell we all had great fun.

I hope you all enjoy viewing this images as I did documenting them.

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