“Is there an elephant in the room? Yep there is! Sajanthi and Yavi had an elephant at their Tamil Hindu Wedding.”

I first met Sajanthi and Yavi at our consultation earlier last year and we connected straight away. They loved the ethos of “Honest Storytelling Images” and I loved how Yavi is keen into his comic books as so am I.

At most weddings I’ve photographed a program of events is presented on each sit to guide all the guests but Yavi had other ideas, he has his own comic book (which went absolutely viral on instagram might I add). Again its all about making your wedding personal to you which will resonate with everyone else.

Grosvenor House, Park Lane hotel, one of London’s most iconic hotels sitting across Hyde Park was their primary choice to host their regal wedding. Within this opulent hotel the religious ceremony was held in the Great Room surrounded by so much elegance, which helped create a theatre styled wedding. But more importantly it’s all about capturing their energy, persona and family.

Sajanthi and Yavi remained cool and calm throughout the entire event. Nothing stopped them from laughing and having a smile, which is so refreshing under what can be a stressful during the auspicious timings of thaali. It’s the energy of the couple, friends and family is what pushes great images; that connection and the feeling of being present within their moment.

I had an amazing time documenting their tamil hindu wedding and can’t wait to photograph another wedding with a personalised comic book.