On my grandmother’s 70th birthday, she always said

” If I live upto 75, I want to have a Sai Bhajan with all the family”.

Fast forward 5 years and I am so blessed to document this spiritual and religious day for her and my entire family. I decided to put this set up first as black and white photojournalism speaks to me, Its the style of photography in essence is my ‘roots’ and since I’m documenting my roots, its seems appropriate.

I wanted to show honest story telling photography as these photographs are held close to my family

Ammama007 Ammama011 Ammama014 Ammama026 Ammama030 Ammama033 Ammama034 Ammama038 Ammama040 Ammama041 Ammama042 Ammama044 Ammama049 Ammama052 Ammama058 Ammama060 Ammama061 Ammama067 Ammama069 Ammama071 Ammama075 Ammama077 Ammama080 Ammama081 Ammama084 Ammama087 Ammama095