Secret couple in a not so secret location

Raksha and Yogi got in touch with me in January, regarding their wedding celebrations. They brought with them ideas for an exciting concept, to capture the beauty of London in their shoot and I was immediately on board. The location picked was against the backdrop of a newly constructed gem in London’s skyline; The Shard. As luck would have it, the weather remained bright, with just a select few clouds filtering the sun’s rays to provide us with optimal natural lighting. What with it being my first time visiting The Shard, I was incredibly excited to get on site and experiment at my new playground.

At first, as with most novices in front of the camera, the couple were nervous; however we swiftly built a strong rapport and both Raksha and Yogi were able to take direction very well. Raksha herself even complimented Yogi on having been transformed into a Hugo Boss mannequin for the day! I thoroughly enjoyed photographing this couple and cannot wait to start documenting their Asian wedding festivities this summer.


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