Once again, Devina and Shiv grace my blog with charming smiles and sweet tears. Both the couple and their families put their trust in me and the creative vision I had, to document their Hindu wedding celebrations.

I was thrilled when presented with this opportunity; it is a gift in itself to be charged with the duty of bearing witness to this milestone and capturing such tender moments in two peoples’ lives.

Shiv’s dynamic entrance made certain that the event started with high energy. In touching contrast, Devina and her family found they could not hold back their tears during the ceremony.

The roller coaster of emotions felt throughout the day can be seen and felt in the preview images I now present to you.

Keep an eye out for their full blog post which shall be with you shortly.


devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews03 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews10devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews01 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews02

devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews04 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews05 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews06devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews15 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews07

devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews08 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews09devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews11 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews12 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews13 devina_shiv_hindu_wedding_ceremony_previews14