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  Varthana and Joe first met me at the beginning of this year, when I first heard about the different wedding traditions that will take place. I immediately jumped on board and couldn’t wait to document their events. Having a tamil hindu wedding with a christian church
Once again, Devina and Shiv grace my blog with charming smiles and sweet tears. Both the couple and their families put their trust in me and the creative vision I had, to document their Hindu wedding celebrations. I was thrilled when presented with this opportunity; it is
Hung and Long – Old Royal Naval College Greenwich Documenting weddings from all different faiths and background is undoubtedly a personal favourite of mine. As the world around us constantly evolves, it is a comfort to see how family tradition is gifted down from generatio
One quote I always believe in is that we are “Forever Students”. That quote inspired me to take this spontaneous trip to Amsterdam to pursue my street photography. One task on my life long bucket list is to document each city I travel to and hopefully get my work publishe
When I was approached to document an event for Mike and Shalini I was more than happy to. I always tune into watch Ted Talks and to my amazement Mike has had his own Ted Talk relaying his ideas and strategies on Changes, Challenges, Growth and Leadership, this automatically
  Surely by now you know who Devina and Shiv are. You would probably recognise them from the engagement shoot we did by St Paul’s Cathedral and their hindu engagement I documented. Fortunately I also captured their civil ceremony from which I’m excited to share wi
  “A Cappuccino For Two”  I would like to introduce this cheeky couple- Mahita and Nilesh, a beautiful couple with such great chemistry and enthusiasm for one and other. We decided to document this pre wedding session at a coffee shop with a unique twist. Everybody wh