Normally I would be posting wedding related images on my blog but I couldn’t resist posting these images. I was kindly asked to document my aunt Kala’s surprise birthday party. As she lives in Australia and I live in London, it’s a rarity that we get to see each other.

Being the documenter that I am I couldn’t resist telling this story, knowing there will be tears of joy and epic moments on the dance floor. That said I didn’t realise how competitive my family can be in a simple game of musical chairs.  It just goes to show no matter whatever age we are; we always remember the good times of our youth.

I hope you enjoy viewing these fun images as I did capturing them.


Kala50th-7 Kala50th-10 Kala50th-12 Kala50th-15 Kala50th-18 Kala50th-19 Kala50th-29 Kala50th-52 Kala50th-55 Kala50th-56 Kala50th-59 Kala50th-68 Kala50th-70 Kala50th-73 Kala50th-75 Kala50th-76 Kala50th-77 Kala50th-84 Kala50th-86 Kala50th-90 Kala50th-93 Kala50th-94 Kala50th-95 Kala50th-97 Kala50th-102 Kala50th-107 Kala50th-109 Kala50th-111 Kala50th-113 Kala50th-116 Kala50th-117 Kala50th-118 Kala50th-120 Kala50th-121 Kala50th-123 Kala50th-132 Kala50th-134

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