One quote I always believe in is that we are “Forever Students”. That quote inspired me to take this spontaneous trip to Amsterdam to pursue my street photography. One task on my life long bucket list is to document each city I travel to and hopefully get my work published in my book. Hopefully in several decades I can look back with a smile on my face with this accomplishment.

Street Photography for me has been the sole reason on why I started photography, the ability to document my vision and share it to a wider audience. So when this opportunity arrived I had to jump on the plane and document this beautiful city.

Light is so beautiful in Amsterdam, with the constant reflections from the collection of historic canals, great museums and beautiful architecture.

I hold black and white photography very close my heart,  so halfway upon myself to document through the adventure and shoot only black and white throughout the trip. It was an idea I’ve been toying with and luckily it proved quite positive. You can see my love appreciation for black and white photography in ” The Monochrome Collection “.

I look forward to document more cities and getting my books printed. Maybe one day it can become a personal heirloom.

Below are my favourite images from the trip.

Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan08 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan19 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan18 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan17 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan16 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan15 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan07 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan11 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan10 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan06 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan14 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan13 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan09 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan01 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan12 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan03 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan30 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan04 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan31 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan29 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan28 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan27 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan26 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan24 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan25 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan23 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan22 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan21 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan20 Amsterdam_street_london_wedding_photographer_kabilan05


One photographer said to me that she always wanted to make her photographs more comical, biblical and striking with a couple of nuns and priests documented within her story. Her idea was stuck in my thoughts and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this priest at the end of my journey.

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