About Me

If you told me several years ago that my career path was to be a professional wedding photographer, I would of probably laughed and wouldn’t of thought of the very idea.

Becoming a university graduate ready to tackle the world was something I was always told to do, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. You would of thought my photography journey would of started since a child, with my father being a wedding photographer for over 25 years you would easily assume I would take his place.

After completing my multimedia design degree, I started freelancing with the Investors Chronicle magazine that is part of the Financial Times.

Picking up the camera and documenting my surroundings became second nature as I dived into the world of cooperation. I wouldn’t have even thought of visiting these places in the first place so naturally I fell into street photography and documenting people around me; to tell a story within a frame.

I soon discovered that I could implement what I learnt on the streets into wedding photography because I now want to tell other people’s stories through my photos.

Outside photography I have an eclectic taste towards music, film, all forms of art and fashion. I live in London and fortunate to spend my time doing what I love and hopefully get to explore the globe through photography.

If you like what you read don’t hesitate to contact me on my contact page here.